Tuesday, January 1, 2019

A Look Back at Weber's History

The 158-guest room hotel on the property has also helped bring in customers. It’s a lot different than the six-room motel Herman Weber started off with in the 1950’s. Throughout the years, the hotel and restaurant have had many celebrity guests. There’s a Wall of Fame in the basement with photographs that are signed by some of them. Ken Weber names some of the celebrities.

“Louis Armstrong was here! Remember Jimmy Durante? He was here back in the day and it was amazing when this guy came. I wasn’t here, my parents saw him. And of course, KFC, Colonel Sanders, the King of Chicken back in the sixties when he was here. So what did he eat? Do you remember? I don’t know what he had. Was it chicken? I would doubt it.’

It seems like everyone who works at Weber’s has a good story to tell. Read more here!

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