Sunday, March 1, 2020

Keep Your Irish Eyes Smiling Celebrating at Weber’s Hotel in Ann Arbor

Have you outgrown watery green beer and uninspiring snacks for St. Patrick’s Day? This year, celebrate with Weber’s! Whether you choose the Weber’s restaurant for its low-key elegance or The Habitat Lounge for the vibe you’ll have an unforgettable St. Patrick’s Day with us.
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Stay at Weber’s Hotel in Ann Arbor and Earn Rewards!

Join our reward program today and you’ll save 10% on your reservation. You’ll receive one point per dollar spent at Weber’s Restaurant or The Habitat Bar. Receive 50 points for each Weber’s hotel qualified room night. Learn more!

If you have questions about hotel pricing and special packages, please call us at (734) 769-2500. If you want to book the best hotels in Ann Arbor, book online today! Please check for availability here!

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