Monday, May 14, 2018

Travel Hacks to Make Your Flight More Comfortable!

Flying on a budget but still want to be comfortable? Looking for tips to make flying better? Could you use a few simple hacks to fly more comfortably? 
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When you’re not prepared, flying economy can be a potentially uncomfortable experience. On most airlines, the seats are getting smaller, the snacks are skimpier, and you have little control of your surroundings. But there are a few things you can do to make your flight better. Be prepared with these travel hacks and fly more comfortably. 

  1. Choose Wisely: If you can spare a few more dollars, you can usually get seats with a little extra leg room; this is a great option for really long flights. Or keep the money in your pocket and consider choosing seats at the back of the plane. In these seats you won’t have anyone behind you potentially kicking you right in the back! For a potentially roomier flight, before take-off, be on the lookout for open seats and ask an attendant if you can move. 
  2. Blackout: One of the best ways to pass the time on a flight is sleeping. You can fall asleep easier with a sleeping mask and earplugs or headphones. Follow the lead of the woman in the photo that recently went viral and hang a note around your neck asking to be woken up for snacks!
  3. Be Special: On long flights with meals, if you order something special, like the vegetarian option, your food will be one of the first to come out! You’ll be satisfied with a full belly and also be feeling special for the VIP treatment. 
  4. Pillows: Most of us already know about the U-shaped neck pillows, and they’re really worth the investment if you fly semi-regularly. But you could also consider shoving a small, light pillow in your carryon for lumbar support or even a little extra cushion for your behind. 
  5. Hydration: between forgetting to drink water in the chaos of travelling and the bone-dry cabin, we all get dried-out when we travel. So, bring water, buy water, and drink water on the day and throughout the flight and you’ll feel way better at the end of the day. Consider packing lotion and lip balm in your carryon, too. 
  6. Layer Up: You don’t have much control of the temperature on your flight, and you can often vacillate between too hot and way too cold several times in just a few hours on a plane. To be more comfortable, wear and bring a few layers of clothing. Even consider socks and a scarf! 
  7. Something to Do: If you use your travel time to do something you don’t normally have time for, you’ll pass the flight quickly and may even look forward to getting in a plane. Maybe flights are the only time you catch up reading gossip magazines, or when you take the time to listen to a new album from an artist you love. 

These hacks are sure to improve your experience when you fly.  If you’re coming to Michigan, be sure enjoy a glass of wine in Ann Arbor with us a Weber’s Restaurant and Boutique Hotel. Give us a call today to make a reservation or discuss your special event. 

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