Sunday, April 1, 2018

5 Ways to Enjoy a Getaway in Town!

Need ideas for fun weekend getaways in Ann Arbor? Looking for an adventure filled weekend without getting out of town? Want a few tips to help you rediscover all Ann Arbor has to offer?

Everyone deserves fun weekend getaways once in a while! But we don’t always have the time or cash to plan. This shouldn’t stop anyone from enjoying an exciting or relaxation “staycation” right in town! 

weekend getaways ann arbor
5 top ways you can experience fun weekend getaways in Ann Arbor

1. Parks: Ann Arbor’s parks offer outdoor activities from leisurely hikes, to lively kayaking trips, to placid lake views. Visit the parks website to learn more about what Ann Arbor parks bring to the table. 

2. Brew Tour: Plan the ultimate brew pub crawl without going further than your own backyard. With many breweries and pubs in the area and selections brewed onsite, Ann Arbor should please beer aficionados of all types.

3. U of M Campus:  Regarded as one of the more attractive campuses in the nation, the University of Michigan offers more than striking architecture and a stellar education. Make a day of your campus excursion and visit the museums, observatory, The Big House, and other famous sites. 

4. Shopping: Get your shop on with a trip to Briarwood and feel like a teen again. You can also find a hipster vibe at the shops in Kerrytown. Or wander through downtown and window shop till you drop!

5. Weber’s Hotel & Restaurant: Have a fun weekend getaway in Ann Arbor and experience an all in one experience. We offer a complete package with chic and cozy rooms, fun and sophisticated dining, happy hours with live music and nightlife. Stay all weekend or explore Ann Arbor with Weber’s as your home base!

Keep your getaway close to home and soak up the many indulgences and adventures Ann Arbor has to offer! Whether you’re looking for fun weekend getaways in Ann Arbor, a romantic night away from home, a place to host family from out of town, or other hospitality needs, Weber’s Hotel & Restaurant are here to serve you. Give us a call today or visit us online to make your reservation.

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